Made to Measure

Create your perfect style

Few things say “stylish” quite like a custom-made suit in the perfect fit. A classic, perfectly tailored suit is a wardrobe investment that you’re likely to treasure for years to come. Our expert style consultants will help you select the right fit, style, fabric and finishes for the ultimate suit. From cuffs to collars, trims to buttons and more, we’ll ensure your garment matches your personal style, personality, budget and overall preferences.

Get Measured

Magic starts with the right measurements! A made-to-measure suit can require up to 18 measurements to ensure the perfect fit. Our in store style consultants will assist in measuring and monitoring the process, which means that we can offer a “fit guarantee” for all customers measured in-store. We also make provision for a second fitting to allow for tweaks and minor alterations in-store.


Once your preferred suit style and measurements are confirmed, this is sent to our garment manufacturing studio where the individual fabric pieces are precisely cut. The fabric then undergoes 150 machine operations to create your unique suit. From fusing collars and lapels at regulated temperatures to the careful blending of fabric panels, each step in the process adheres to our highest quality standards for the best garment possible.